Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Time Capsule Installation

On March 19, 2013, one year after the Tacoma Mountaineers' centennial anniversary, a time capsule was installed in the fireplace hearth, to be opened on the branch's sesquicentennial anniversary - March 19, 2062!
Contents of Time Capsule
A collection of odds & ends were assembled from members over the last year - an ice axe signed by the then-branch Council at the Program Center renovation groundbreaking ceremony, a set of building drawings, miscellaneous notes from Tacoma Mountaineers members, copies of the Redbook - current and 2009 edition, a plastic kayaker, a film camera, a copy of the Tacoma News Tribune and the New York Times, etc.

Bud Truitt - Centennial Committee Chair, spearheaded collection of materials and construction of the time capsule with the able assistance of Steve Townsend, who built the containing box and worked with Bud to prepare the hearth to receive it.
Steve Townsend and Bud Truitt coax the time capsule into the space beneath the hearth.
We were reminded that before the Tacoma Program Center renovation was completed in August 2012, it was over 50 years since the original Clubhouse was completed in 1956!
Time Capsule sealed until 2062!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tacoma Program Center Formally Open

On Thursday October 20 there was a Grand Opening event to formally signify the inauguration of the Tacoma Program Center.
9/20/12 - Attendees mingle prior to inaugural comments at Grand Opening
9/20/12 - Branch Chair Geoff Lawrence

9/20/12 - Executive Director Martinique Grigg

Following comments by Tacoma branch Chair Geoff Lawrence, Mountaineers Executive Director Martinique Grigg, Mountaineers President Gavin Woody and Tacoma Deputy Mayor Joe Lonergan, the highlight of the brief ceremony was the the opening of the joined vintage and contemporary climbing ropes signifying The Mountaineers reverence for its past and aspirations for the future.

9/20/12 - The joined vintage and contemporary climbing ropes
Fittingly, the ceremonial 'biner unclasping was done by Mountaineer Jim Henriot, former Branch Chair, Mountaineers President, and President of the American Alpine Club!

9/20/12 - Mountaineer Jim Henriot formally opens The
Tacoma Program Center!
-- Grand Opening photos courtesy of Mountaineer Brian Kenison

Monday, September 3, 2012

Finished Product

The Mountaineers, Tacoma Program Center.  Image by Bill Hagstotz - constructionimages.com

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Open for Business!

Merit Construction completed the punch list of clean-up items and an Open House was conducted on Thursday August 16 to signify that the Tacoma Program Center is Open for Business!
8/16/12 - View into the atrium at the Open House
8/16/12 - Great turnout for the Tacoma Program Center Open House
Just prior to the Open House architect Amy Dedominicis presented The Mountaineers with a "Certificate of Adoption" marking the turnover of the facility.
8/16/12 - Architect Amy Dedominicis and branch Chair Geoff Lawrence

And the final task on Merit's punch list was to install the plaque on the northeast corner of the building commemorating the Tacoma branch's centennial and celebrating the reconstruction of the Tacoma Program Center!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Open House - August 16

Merit Construction is finishing up the final touches and will move on to their next project by the end of this week.  Our task is now to furnish the Tacoma Program Center, repatriate supplies, artifacts and gear into the new space, and create the policies and procedures to successfully and productively run the facility. 
8/14/12 - Completed Tacoma Program Center
From 4 - 8 pm there will be an Open House to show off the Tacoma Program Center to Mountaineers and members of the community.  The architect, Amy Dedominicis will be present as well as representatives from Merit Construction, general contractor and AHBL, the engineers.  Members of the building committee will also be present along with Mountaineers staff members.  Please come!
8/14/12 - Engraved Pavers installed - more available!
8/14/12 - View of the back staircase

Friday, August 3, 2012


Early Thursday afternoon August 2 the City of Tacoma granted a Certificate of Occupancy marking the finish of the reconstruction of the Tacoma Mountaineers Clubhouse into the Tacoma Program Center!
7/31/12 - The Mountaineers, Tacoma Program Center
Merit Construction will be finishing up the last of the punch list items over the next week, and effective immediately we will be conducting the business of the Tacoma Mountaineers in our beautiful new facility!  Fittingly, the first event will be at 6 - 8 pm on Monday August 6 for a public comment session for Mount Rainier National Park personnel to present options under consideration for possible Camp Muir rehabilitation - more info here.  There is also an open-to-the-public Open House planned from 4 - 8 pm on Thursday August 16 for Mountaineers and all others to see the new Program Center.  Info about other events will be posted on this blog or at The Tacoma Mountaineers website.